Privacy Statement will never share any information with anyone. The only information that is shared is the information that you decide to share and you decide with who you want to share it.

Can I delete my content completely?
At any time you can login and delete any content you want yourself (or adjust the privacy settings, for instance from "Public" into "Friends" or, if you want to delete your account, delete your account and with that action, delete all your content in one click. In that way all your information is deleted from our active server.

What about back-ups?
Friends online has a backup system that makes a backup every night on our own external backup server and will stay here for 7 nights. This in case of technical problems. This backup can only be approached by the webmaster of and is not shared with anyone else (except if legal problems occur and authorities force us to give them information). After this the backups are automatically deleted from the backup system.

Privacy Settings and how to use them.

- When registering an account at the you need only to give your emailadress. This is already enough to open an account.

- Once you opened an account and verified it by clicking the link you receive by email, you can login and go to "profile" in your account menu. There you can share more information if you want and change the settings for your account.

- Basically the system has a standard that permits only YOU and your choosen Friends to see what you publish. So nobody else can see you personal information or what you publish. You have a choice under "profile" that you share something only with yourself, with yourself and your friends, yourself and all other registered users and everyone (Public) whenever you upload a picture or (share) a video. Ofcourse you change your profile settings anytime you like.

- Keep in mind that whatever you share can be copied by others and shared on other Social Networks. So be sure you share only with people you trust.