By sending my application for the Winter Retreat 2019 I declare that I understand and agree all that is written here. 

Given the free atmosphere in which the Winter Retreat takes place I declare that I understand:

- I always have to take care of myself and the others.

- I will not keep the organisation responsible for any losses or harm (injuries).

- I will keep in mind that I am in Poland and will behave according to the local laws and regulations.

- No Drugs (Polish law is very tough, be aware you can go to prison).

- No provocation

- Be aware of the neigbours, they are not into our way of life

- Smoking has to be done outside.

- No mobile phones or laptops use in the public spaces.
  So all telephone conversations and use of laptops should be outside or in your room.

- Everyone helps now and then in the kitchen, depending how many people will be there this will be most likely 2 morning and 2 afternoon shifts during the 8 day stay (the more people, the less shifts, we calculate with 16 people now.

- No pictures/recordings/filming without explicit permission from everyone in the space.

- Everything we do stays among us (Group sharing in Winter Retreat 2019 group is possible)

- Always behave gentle ofcourse..

- Do not use other people’s material without permission.

- Do not use other people without permission.

- For any technical or practical problem go to Wilhelmus or Wojtek (the Caretaker that lives underneath the house Panadonia) .

- Because there are a limited number of sleeping rooms people will share a room with others. This means that you have to take responsibility of living with other people very close and therefore keep everything clean (also toilets and bathrooms).

- About the food:

I understand there is a general brunch and a dinner prepared every day.

- If I need any special type or kind of food it will be arranged if possible, but if I need real special food I understand it will be better to prepare that myself to avoid problems with my health. In such case I will communicate with the people in the kitchen what is the best time to do so.

I will sign a document containing the above on the moment I arrive in Jagniatkow